Will Mellor "pleased" with new comedy In With The Flynns as it debuts to 4 million

White Van Man

Two Pints and White Van Man star Will Mellor has said that he is "pleased" with his comedy In With The Flynns, with debuted on BBC One last night a respectable 4 million. The actor said the new BBC sitcom has an "edge" as opposed to playing it safe.

He told the Manchester Evening News yesterday : "I suppose a lot of prime time BBC One shows can be a bit safe. I like doing things with edge and I think this has that, [but] it's different because it's got warmth and is natural.

It's different and it's the kind of show I'd watch myself, and I'm pleased with it because [it] has a bit of edge and is laugh-out-loud funny."

Will continued: "What's good is there are no comedy actors. It's all played very naturally, which is why I think the viewers will be able to relate."

An average of 4.1 million viewers - a 19% share - watched the first episode between 8:30PM and 9PM last night.

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