Doctor Who to return for a seventh series on BBC1 with Matt Smith returning as The Doctor

Doctor WhoCult BBC series Doctor Who is to return for a seventh series next year with Matt Smith as The Doctor, it has been confirmed. The sci-fi television programme which airs on BBC1 has been renewed for fourteen new episodes scheduled to air next year.

BBC Executive Sam Hodges revealed the good news via social networking website Twitter, saying: ''Doctor Who is returning. Fourteen new episodes have been commissioned with Matt Smith as The Doctor.'' Head of the show Steven Moffat later retweeted the statement to back up its integrity.

In addition, Moffat said: ''14 epsĀ  Matt definitely [involved]. I've got a plan and I'm not telling you what it is.'' Magazine Private Eye earlier suggested that the seventh series could be delayed until 2013 in favour of four special episodes throughout 2012 however more recent rumours have appeared to suggest that the seventh series will indeed air next year.

A spokesperson for the BBC backed up the claims telling The Guardian that ''a good chunk of the'' 14 episodes will be aired next year. They said: ''The new commission is a big commitment, not many other shows have such a commitment so far in advance.

The sixth series has been split into two parts with the mid-season finale having been aired on BBC1 last Saturday. Are you glad to see the show back for its seventh series or has it finally run out of steam?

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