Take Me Out returns! Meet tonight's single guys...

Take Me Out

Take Me Out is back for series 10 tonight and here are the guys looking for love this evening.

With SEVEN weddings, THREE babies (and TWO on the way!) the bar has been set high, as a new line up of Flirty Thirty ladies get ready to meet the single boys braving the Love Lift, all hoping to be whisked away to the sunny isle of Fernando’s.

King of Dating, Paddy McGuinness, works his matchmaking magic over seven brand new episodes, and two specials.

One features a line-up of thirty fabulous single older ladies looking for love.

In tonight's show, the first boy down the Love Lift is Callum, a sports fanatic from The Wirral who’s hoping to impress the ladies with his skills.

Take Me Out 2018 contestants
Take Me Out 2018 contestants

Sean a caricature artist from Blackpool is second in line to meet the Flirty Thirty. Can he draw in the girl of his dreams?

Accountant Will from Essex is counting on two becoming one while professional drummer Sam from Brighton wants to find the girl who’ll make his heart skip a beat.

Heather from Wales comments that Sam “looks a bit smelly, I love it.”

Paddy calls Sam over so Heather can get a whiff of his scent. Sam can’t resist giving the rest of the girls a chance to smell him too - with hilarious results.

Sam's drumming also gets the girls going, as one girl quips: “I love banging. I would bang with you.”

Meanwhile, Paddy is bowled over when opera singer Hollie-Anne demonstrates her dulcet tones with a classic song from My Fair Lady.

Paddy McGuinness with Ieva, Hollie Anne and Becca.
Paddy McGuinness with Ieva, Hollie Anne and Becca.

She tells Paddy it’s difficult to find love as her job takes her around the world and reveals she can belt out tunes in many different languages including Italian, French, German and even Estonian!

We’ll also catch up on last Saturday’s love matches and find out ho Alex and Dan, Clarice and Karim, Jess and Jimmy and Sharlene and Sean got on during their dates on the Isle of Fernando’s.

Take Me Out airs tonight at 6:45PM on ITV.

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