Hunted back on Channel 4 but how does it work? What's the prize?

Hunted 3 - Hunter Specials

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Hunted concludes on Channel 4 tonight but how does it work and what's the prize?

Channel 4's hit factual thriller returns for a third series as nine British citizens turn fugitive and go on the run.

Following a dramatic launch and helicopter chase in Manchester, the fugitives are pursued across the UK by an elite team of hunters, drawn from some of the world's best investigators and led by former Scotland Yard detective Chief Peter Bleksley.

The stakes are high; if the fugitives can evade capture for 25 days they could win a share of £100,000.

But they're up against a formidable force of 30 hunters equipped with the latest ANPR technology, search dogs, drones and helicopters.

The fugitives include former police firearms officer Jamie Clark, father and son team Bob and Alex Ayling, and retired college tutor Carlene Crowe.

There are also Best friends Joe and Dan and Best friends and city girls Sandra and Mella.

Each is given just £100 - half in cash, half on a bank card - to help them make their initial escape.

Cameras discreetly follow them and if they manage to avoid being hunted, they'll win their share of the prize money.

In tonight's latest episode, singing duo Dan and Joe live-stream their gig from a pub near Preston to HQ, unaware that the hunters are just moments away. With just a few days to go until the fugitives' attempt their escape, time is running out for the hunters.

From launching a focused social media campaign to scouring CCTV and using dogs, drones and helicopters, Chief Bleksley and his team are leaving nothing to chance. Time on the run is taking its toll on Bob, and a member of the public phones HQ to tell the hunters where he is.

A knee injury forces Bob to stop, leaving him vulnerable to the circling hunters. Meanwhile, Bob's son Alex is spotted on CCTV throwing away a piece of paper containing the details of the fugitives' escape plan, which could be a vital clue to stop all the remaining fugitives escaping with the £100,000 prize. Will the hunters find it? Can they make a clean sweep?

Hunted airs at 9pm on Thursday 08 February 2018

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