Ainsley Harriott wants Ready Steady Cook to make a comeback

Ainsley Harriott

Ainsley Harriott wants Ready, Steady Cook to make a TV return.

Ainsley fronted the BBC day time cookery show for a decade until it last aired in 2010.

The show aired more than 1,800 episodes in all and even had a celebrity spin-off

Now almost a ten years on from the last episode, Ainsley is calling on the show to make a comeback.

He said this week “A lot of people would like to see it back – it was a fantastic programme. I think it was one of the most natural cooking programmes on TV.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Ainsley claimed that Ready, Steady Cook was unique among the various cooking shows which currently litter the channels.

He explained: “You saw the ingredients and it was real time. MasterChef and all of them, they never do it in real time.

“If things went wrong, you saw them go wrong. It had an energy of its own.

“I’d love it to come back as it identifies with a nation of people.”

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