Gone To Pot: 3 million viewers watch Pat Butcher smoking weed with nuns

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Almost 3 million viewers watched ‘Pat Butcher’ smoking weed with nuns on ITV last night.

The first episode of new three-part doc Gone To Pot aired to 2.9 million between 9PM and 10PM.


Alongside Pat – aka ex-EastEnders actress Pam St Clement – on the show are Birds of a Feather actress and Loose Women panelist Linda Robson, actor Christopher Biggins, retired footballer and TV presenter John Fashanu and darts supremo Bobby George.

The group of well-known celebrities are hitting the road together for the new series, to embark on the ultimate trip across the US on board a magical mystery bus. They will explore the locals use of marijuana, for both medicinal and recreational purposes and meet some truly extraordinary characters along the way.

The scenes in the opening episode proved quite surreal as Pam, who played Pat Butcher on BBC One soap EastEnders, was seen smoking a spliff with a group of nuns.

She told cameras: “That first puff with the nuns, you just get so relaxed”.

On Twitter, one viewer reacted: “I’m speechless! Not because nuns are getting stoned but because pat butcher is smoking a joint awesome #GoneToPot.”


Another added: “Pat Butcher getting stoned on national TV with a group of nuns is not something you see everyday. welcome to the United Kingdom. fabulous. #GoneToPot.”

However the ITV doc couldn’t quite win its slot, with Children in Need Rocks the 80s enjoying a slightly bigger audience of 3.4 million over on BBC One at the same time.

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