Who's on Celebrity Juice tonight? New celebrities revealed!

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Here's who's on tonight's Celebrity Juice as it returns to ITV2 tonight with a brand new series.

This evening's show is the FIRST in the brand new series, airing at 10PM on ITV2.

As always, Keith Lemon hosts the outrageous comedy panel show, which tonight sees Fearne Cotton once again take on Holly Willoughby in a series of hilarious rounds and games.

Tonight's show is very special, as Celebrity Juice celebrates its 10th birthday.

Joining the panel for the 10th Birthday Special is EastEnder’s Star Danny Dyer, Love Island winners Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, the lovely Ashley Roberts plus friend of the show Paddy McGuinness.

In tonight's episode, Danny Dyer asks daughter Dani what she calls her 'lady bits' during Master and Miss game.

Boyfriend Jack reacts: "Mate, what? I ain’t seen it, I don’t know"

Danny quips: "Good, good f*****g answer, well done. Congratulations…I like to think they’re called ‘out of bounds’…but I know they’re not, so…"

Keith interrupts: "He wasn’t asking what it looks like, just the name of it"

Danny comments: "Come on let’s get it out the way, come on."

Dani eventually settles the matter: "Me noonie"

Danny then asks Dani: "To the nearest minute, on average, how long does it take, Jack, to shoot his bolt"

Jack laughs: "I can’t even make a joke, I can’t even make a joke. If I make a joke, he’s there."

Danny says: "He’s there…you’re only cuddling ain’t ya"

Elsewhere, Holly reveals her messy dressing room when she goes back in time to 2016, before she faces an encounter with the tickle monster.

Meanwhile, Jack jokes he's now more famous than Danny Dyer before Dai talks about acting with dad Danny.

Celebrity Juice airs tonight September 13th 10pm on ITV2.

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