X Factor 2017: What Sharon Osbourne is REALLY like as a mentor

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Sharon Osbourne’s girls have revealed what the music manager is REALLY like as a mentor.

Especially after they watched back the show and saw Sharon confess she did NOT want to look after the girls.

Despite being unhappy with the category, Sharon took the challenge on and she chose Holly Tandy, Grace Davies and Rai-Elle Williams for the live shows.

Following this year’s series, they’ve been spilling all on what it’s like to work with her.

Grace said: “She’s been absolutely great for advice. She’s had a long career, so she knows what it’s like to go through something like that. She’s been a massive support for me throughout the whole process.

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“Sharon is possibly the most supportive person I’ve met throughout my whole X Factor journey. I can talk to her about absolutely anything. She’s in constant contact throughout the week when she’s in America”

She added to OK! Magazine: “She even texts us to let us know when she’s landed back in he UK, even if it’s at 2AM! Sharon has a very busy schedule but she really makes me feel like I matter to her, which means a lot.”

“Sharon is amazing,” agreed Holly, who left the show in Week 4. “She’s very maternal and caring but she’s also a very wise lady and so honest, which I love.

“I know she said she didn’t want the girls because she left like she’d be too brutal, but I hope she’s happy with us now!”

Meanwhile, Rai-Elle raved: “She’s fabulous. She’s so blunt and tells it how it is. I have a connection with her.

“She gives me the best advice. She said ‘Don’t let them make you do something you don’t want to. She’s like ‘F**k them!’ I love her.

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The Girls

“My mum is straight forward so she’s similar. My mum isn’t afraid to tell me when a performance is awful.”

The X Factor 2017 concludes this Saturday at 7:05PM and Sunday night at 7:20PM on ITV.

It’s the live final of the series and Grace is the last girl left standing.

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