X Factor 2017 judges' houses results REVEALED! Who's in the live shows?

X Factor 2017's final 12

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Who’s in The X Factor 2017 live shows? The first set of judges’ houses results are in!

Offering a glimpse into the jet set lifestyle that The X Factor winner could have, this weekend the four categories travel to glamorous destinations across the world and with just one more chance to impress their mentor, each act will be hoping to convince them that they have the star quality required to reach the live shows.

This evening the focus was on the Girls, in San Francisco with Sharon Osbourne and the Overs, in South Africa with Nicole Scherzinger.

With crucial decisions to be made, each judge has help at hand from guest judges who know all about what it takes to make it in the industry: Nicole is aided by Mobo award-winning, BRIT nominated and man of the moment, grime artist, Stormzy while Sharon makes it a family affair with son Jack and daughter Kelly.


First to find out their fate was Matt Linnin who got a yes. Nicole said: “I think you have a great tone to your voice, I loved your song choice but there’s a lot more work to be done here.”

x factor final overs

Next up was Kevin Davy White and Slavko.

Nicole told Slavko: “You’re fun and unique but you’re up against a lot of strong voices. I’m sorry but I’m not able to take you through to the live shows with me”

But it was good news for Kevin who got the second yes, as Nicole raved: “You sounded amazing yesterday and we’ve never had anyone like you on the show.”

Berget Lewis got a no from Nicole, who said: “I’m so sorry I’m not going to be able to take you, but you’ve got a gift unlike anyone else, so I know you’re unstoppable.”

That left Tracy Leanne Jefford and Talia Dean fighting over the final place in the live shows for the Overs category.

Talia was the one that missed out, as Nicole told her: “Though you’ve grown vocally I don’t know if you’re the strongest singer. You’re almost there but I don’t think you’re ready.”

That left Tracy Leanne in the live shows: “Your voice sounds like a record, I can hear it on the radio. ”


First of the Girls to discover their results were Deanna Mussington and Rai-Elle Williams.

Rai-Elle got a yes, with Sharon saying: “Your performance was great and my decision is you’re going through.”

Unfortunately, that meant Deanna was the unlucky one to get a no: “It’s not been an easy decision for me at all… I’m going to be sending you home, it’s not just your time right now.”

Georgina Panton also got sent away with Sharon telling her: “You’re an incredible young woman and you have a great voice, but I never know what I’m going to get with you.”

There was then good news for Holly Tandy who got the second yes. Sharon said: “Your performance was magic yesterday.”

That left Alisah Bonaobra and Grace Davies fighting for the last spot.

x factor 2017 girls

And it was Grace who won it, as Sharon told her: “It’s not the end of you, you’ve got too much talent!”

Sending Alisah home, Sharon said: “I feel you’re very one dimension, you’re all power ballads and I wanted to see other sides of you. This is a very hard decision and I didn’t come to it lightly.”

The X Factor continues Sunday night with the results of the Groups and Boys judges’ houses.

Did you agree with Sharon and Nicole’ choices? Tell us in the comments below!

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