The X Factor 2017 results recap: Overs and Girls find out their fates at Judges' Houses

Who did Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osbourne put through to the live shows?

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Judges' Houses began on The X Factor 2017 tonight - and we now know which of Nicole Scherzinger's Overs and Sharon Osbourne's Girls have made it to the live shows.

They may have survived the brutal Six Chair Challenge, but the stakes are even higher for the top 24 acts this weekend.


At Judges' Houses, they each have just one intimate performance to prove why they deserve to make the live shows.

Not only do they have to face their mentors, they must also impress special guest judges helping to make the all-important decisions.

Only three acts per category can be put through, so the competition is fierce.

As usual, these performances took place at sunny locations around the globe, and this year host Dermot O'Leary even cheekily admitted that they're not really the judges' own houses.

The contestants had no idea exactly where they'd be jetting off to until they were presented with their tickets at the airport.

Kevin Davy White.
Kevin Davy White

Overs - Nicole Scherzinger

First up was Nicole, who was joined by grime superstar Stormzy as she whittled down the Overs category in South Africa.


Kevin Davy White (Yes) - Having previously stuck to performing covers, Kevin decided Judges' Houses was the right time to debut original material, hoping his song 'Puzzle of Love' would help him reach the live shows. "I think he's got an incredible voice, so rich, very soulful," said Stormzy. The risk paid off for Kevin, as Nicole decided to give him a spot. "I love you as an artist, as a musician," she told him. "You bring your own unique style and authenticity."

Berget Lewis (No) - Berget, who sees The X Factor as her "last chance" to break out of her Netherlands homeland on to the global stage, surprised Nicole by choosing Zedd's 'Clarity' for her performance. Sadly, nerves got the better of her and she missed some of the words, before stopping briefly midway through. "This probably never happens to her, like one in a thousand times," mused Stormzy.

Berget Lewis
Berget Lewis

The mishap meant it was the end of the road for Berget, but Nicole offered her some words of encouragement: "You have a gift unlike anyone else, I know that you're unstoppable."

Slavko (No) - Claiming to be the "only one who brings a show", Slavko picked Jennifer Lopez hit 'On The Floor' for his latest showcase of energetic dance moves and braid-whipping. "He doesn't have the strongest vocals," admitted Nicole. "It is X Factor, it is first and foremost about the talent and the voice," agreed Stormzy. Despite predicting that viewers would "tune in" for Slavko, it appears that Nicole stopped feeling his energy, as she chose to bid farewell to the Eurovision entrant.

Matt Linnen (Yes) - Plasterer Matt revealed that he'd been laid off from his job since entering The X Factor, making him even more determined to win over Nicole in South Africa. Stormzy claimed his song choice, Rozella's 'Everybody's Free', was "too big" for him, but noted: "I love the tone, the warmness of his voice." Nicole has made no secret of her fondness of Matt, so it wasn't surprising that she gave him one of her live show places. "I think that you have a lot of potential," she said.

Matt Linnen.
Matt Linnen

Talia Dean (No) - Talia couldn't believe that she'd gone from meeting Nicole through her day job as an airport concierge to being one of her six acts at Judges' Houses. Stormzy thought she "proper connected" with her chosen song, Culture Club's 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?', predicting: "The emotional factor of her is what's gonna separate her from the rest." However, Nicole wasn't convinced she's strong enough vocally and decided to let her go, saying: "You're almost there, I don't think you're ready yet."

Tracy Leanne Jefford (Yes) - Tracy proclaimed that she wants "the whole world to know who Tracy Leanne Jefford is", and performed Barbara Lynn's 'You'll Lose A Good Thing' in the hope of making that happen. "There will be so many people who will be able to related to that energy of going for it and not caring," Stormzy proclaimed. "Her voice sounds like it should be on record," Nicole added. "When she sings, it's honest." The mum-of-three came one step closer to her dream when she won Nicole's final spot.

Therefore, Nicole's top three Overs are Kevin Davy White, Matt Linnen, and Tracy Leanne Jefford.


Girls - Sharon Osbourne

Before the serious business began, Sharon played a trick on her acts by revealing that their exotic destination would be… Dublin.

The Girls tried their best to seem excited as they flew out to the Emerald Isle, but were confused the Boys' mentor, Louis Walsh, greeted them on arrival.

He handed the girls an envelope, and on opening it they discovered that they were actually going to San Francisco!

Mrs O turned to her famous family for her guest judges, welcoming daughter Kelly and son Jack Osbourne.

Holly Tandy.
Holly Tandy

Holly Tandy (Yes) - Having faced a tough time making friends at school, Holly - the youngest remaining contestant - sees The X Factor as the "start" of her life, and so far she's off to the best start possible. The 16-year-old won Sharon's first 'yes' with her performance of Rihanna's 'Russian Roulette'. "I'm impressed, I heard that song in a completely different way than I've ever listened to it before," gushed Kelly. "She has a great tone, a smooth voice," commented Jack.

Rai-Elle Williams (Yes) - In her bid to stand out from her rivals, Rai-Elle revamped Gotye's worldwide smash 'Somebody That I Used To Know' with an original rap, which she described as a "tongue-twister" to recite. Fortunately, she managed to pull it off, wowing Kelly. "She showed another side of her versatility," said the former Fashion Police host. "She's the girl that you can take as-is and put on a stage." Sharon gave the 16-year-old her second spot, warning her: "You'll have to work really, really hard."

Alisah Banaobra.
Alisah Banaobra

Alisah Bonaobra (No) - Alisah has had to fight through two brushes with elimination to keep her place in the competition, but now it seems her luck has finally run out. Jack was impressed with her rendition of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down, calling it "the cleanest performance we've seen" - but Sharon felt she was "one-dimensional". Explaining to Alisah why she had been turned down, the music manager said: "I feel that you're 'power ballads'. Even though that's fantastic, I want to see other sides of you."

Grace Davies (Yes) - Grace brought out yet another of her original songs for Judges' Houses, 'More Than You', about "wanting someone that doesn't want you back". However, she suffered a bit of a setback when Sharon interrupted her, claiming she was "clipping" her words. After taking a deep breath, Grace restarted her performance, and broke down in tears by the end.


The warehouse worker was convinced she'd killed her chances, but Sharon thought she had "too much talent" to not put her through. "I've got my hopes so high, I know you can do it," she said, giving Grace her final place.

Georgina Panton
Georgina Panton

Georgina Panton (No) - Way back at the room auditions, it was Georgina's personality that grabbed the judges, so she was aware that her cover of Phil Collins's 'In The Air Tonight' had to prove that her talent shines just as bright. Despite Kelly arguing that she's "grown so much", Sharon was worried that "her pitching was off", and later informed an upset Gigi that she'd be going home, advising that she needs "more of the training we've been giving you".

Deanna (No) - Deanna hails from the Caribbean island of Anguilla, which was devastated by Hurricane Irma not long before she had to travel to San Francisco. The gravity of her unimaginable situation hit just as she was about to perform, and she had to take a few moments to compose herself.

Eventually Deanna faced the Osbournes again, singing Ed Sheeran's 'Dive' - but Sharon concluded that she shouldn't progress to the live shows, claiming: "It's just not [her] time right now."


Therefore, Sharon's top three Girls are Grace Davies, Holly Tandy and Rai-Elle Williams.

The X Factor continues tomorrow night at 7.00pm on ITV, when Louis will whittle down the Boys, and Simon Cowell will choose his three Groups.

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