X Factor spoilers! 4 bootcamp performances to watch out for tonight

x factor bootcamp preview

Here are four contestants to look out for on The X Factor 2017 tonight.

This evening sees the second of three bumper bootcamp shows as the arena auditions continue.


Each of the remaining contestants in the competition picks their own song before facing the judges and a 5,000 strong live audience at Wembley Arena.


Jack Mason.

We never saw Jack's audition but tonight he makes sure we'll remember him. The 18-year-old busker from Aldershot sings James Brown' It’s A Man’s Man’s World.

"I feel like I do have to work a lot harder to impress the judges this time," he says tonight. "Opportunities don't come around like this every day. About to perform in front of thousands of people, it's crazy... my mind's going to explode."


Holly Tandy.

The youngest in contestant left the competition, 16-year-old singer Holly from Yorkshire has been a stand out at every stage of the competition so far. Tonight she covers Harry Styles' Sign of the Times.

"I can hear the crowd, my heart is beating so fast," Holly tells cameras backstage at Wembley Arena, before revealing she's performing on her 16th birthday. "I am the youngest in the competition but that does not mean anything, I just need to keep my head in the game and stay focused. I am so determined. I really want this and I'll do whatever it takes.


Benji Matthews
Benji Matthews

17 year-old student Benji Matthews comes to bootcamp with his own original song called Sweet.


"I'm really out of my comfort zone at bootcamp," admits Benji before performing. "I'm really anxious about today, I'm not used to performing in front of crowds like this. Especially doing my own song, but I feel like I'm in touch of the next round now. I want it."

Benji says his original track is a love song, inspired by characters on EastEnders Mick and Linda.


 Georgina Panton.
Georgina Panton.

20-year-old mum from Birmingham Georgina Panton sings Beyoncé's Sweet Dreams.

"Bootcamp is so tough," says Georgina, "I never thought that I'd be at this stage. This is the biggest thing ever. This is like going to university and I've never been to university."


The mum-of-one opens up about feeling like a "loser" after giving birth aged 16. "I felt like I wasn't going to be anything... I'm going to put my all into my performance. Every single word means so much. I may come across as confident but I've built my character up like this, really I'm a little person screaming for help."

The X Factor 2017 airs tonight at 7:30PM on ITV.

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