Hayley Norton goes solo on X Factor 2017 as Descendance split at Bootcamp

Debye Norton is out of the competition after agreeing to part ways with her daughter
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X Factor contestant Hayley Norton WILL now compete as a solo artist, it’s been confirmed, after her mum Debye Norton agreed to break away from their double act Descendance.

The Irish duo first appeared on the show two weeks ago, auditioning with Macklemore hit ‘Can’t Hold Us’.

Although the judges were immediately reluctant to back Debye, they decided to give Descendance another chance together Bootcamp.

Tonight’s episode saw mother and daughter matched with rival acts Ginny Lemon, Doctor Woof and Russell Jones at the Wall of Songs.

Their group performance of Dead Or Alive hit ‘You Spin Me Round’ horrified Simon Cowell, who exclaimed: “That was hideous.”


After a brief chat, the judges decided to give Russell a ‘yes’ and send the other three acts home.

However, as they went to leave, Simon asked Descendance to stay behind – and gave them a devastating dilemma.

“I’m gonna be honest with you: Hayley, we think you should stay in the competition on your own,” he said. “Debye, we think your daughter’s really talented.”

Debye was crestfallen, but Hayley didn’t seem to have any problem splitting up. “Please, please,” she begged her mum. “I want this so bad. Please.”

They were given a few moments to talk it over backstage, where an upset Debye fumed: “They can’t expect me to walk back on there and hold my head up.

“I know exactly what I’m gonna say, so stop talking. You let me speak.”

Eventually, they returned to the spotlight, and Simon told them: “I’m sorry to do this, I don’t want to cause a rift.

“It’s just that, as a group, it’s not gonna work and I don’t think it’s fair on your daughter. So where are we?”

Fighting back tears, Debye answered: “She’s my baby star, that’s what I called her when she was born. She’s gonna go forward.

“I would have always done it, it’s just a hard one to swallow.”

“I know it’s hard for you, but I promise you this is the right decision,” Simon said. “There’s no guarantees, but right now, at least you’ve got a shot.”

Therefore, 23-year-old Hayley will now move forward as a soloist in the ‘Girls’ category.

The X Factor continues with more Bootcamp drama tomorrow at 8.00pm on ITV.

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