X Factor 2017 contestants: Who's in the Six Chair Challenge?

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The top X Factor 2017 contestants in the six chair challenge have now been revealed.

We’ve had a total of eight audition shows and throughout that time the thousands of singers that applied were whittled down to just over 100 for bootcamp which started last weekend.

They were halved to about sixty acts who will go through to the six chair challenge where just six in each category will make it to judges’ houses.

Deciding who makes six chairs is the bootcamp arena auditions which conclude tonight – but who made it through?

Here’s a non-exhaustive recap of the acts who have made the cut into the next stage…

Remember, The X Factor’s Six Chair Challenge continues with the Groups and Overs on Saturday, October 14.


X Factor Overs
X Factor Overs

Gary Barker
29-year-old full-time dad and pub singer from Liverpool

Matt Linnen
28-year-old plasterer from Southend-On-Sea

Bergret Lewis
45-year-old singer from Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tracey Leanne Jefford
34-year-old full-time mum from Middlesex.

31-year-old actor from Montenegro

Kevin Davy White
29-year-old singer, originally comes from Paris.

Talia Dean
32-year-old airport VIP concierge from Hounslow

Danny Lambo
39-year-old hotelier from London.

Brad Horward
30-year-old model from Manchester.

Bill Downs
29-year-old stay-at-home dad and singer from Norwich.

Glenroy Grant
71-year-old retired bus driver.

Loverine Fermino
31-year-old singer from the Philippines.


X Factor groups
X Factor groups

Beau Road
Beth (19), Taylor (22), Eden (23), Bethany (19) and Cally (20) are a girlband from Essex.

The Price Brothers
Brothers Sean (17) and Conor (15) are students from Blessington, Ireland.

Jack and Joel
Pals Jack (22) and Joel (22) from London

The CutKelvins
Siblings Shereen (20), Jay (24) and Kyle (23) from Lanark, Scotland

Ashley, Miles, Jamal and Mustafa (25) are a boy band and best friends from Watford.

Shania (20), Saffron (19), twins Yemi and Chilee (17) and Mya are a girlgroup from London.

New Dynamixx
Group formed of Yvonne (20), Jake (22), Charlotte (19), Izzy (23) and Codie (24).

New girl group
Kelsey (20 from Lancashire), Imagen (17 from Stoke), Lydia (20 from Bedfordshire) and Sky (19 from Chingford)

Kingsley (39) and Adasnoop (31) from London

Girl group made up of Georgia (23 from Birmingham), Kiara (23 from Manchester, originally from Glasgow), Ash (21 from London), Sasha (23 from Cheshire) and Sophie (21 from Manchester).

Brad (24) and Sarah (22) are a singing duo from Middlesbrough.

Trio from Philippines: Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Lawrenz Ordonio


X Factor girls
X Factor girls

Shanaya Atkinson-Jones
19-year-old from County Durham

Alisah Bonaobra
22-year-old singer from Manila, Philippines.

Kelsey Gill
20 year-old sandwich maker from Lancashire.

Holly Tandy
16-year-old singer from Yorkshire.

Georgina Panton
20-year-old mum from Birmingham.

Hayley Norton
23-year-old from Belfast

Scarlett Lee
19-year-old make-up artist from Surrey.

Sky Saron-Wermerling
19 year-old student from Essex

Deanna Mussington
22-year-old musician from Anguilla in the Caribbean

Taliah Dalorto
19-year-old secretary from Essex.

Nicole Caldwell
27-year-old pub singer from Paisley, Scotland.

16-year-old from Croydon, London.

Grace Davies
20 year-old singer-songwriter and warehouse assistant from Blackburn

Chloe Rose Moyle
16-year-old student from Fleetwood, Lancashire.

Elysa V
18-year-old from Sydney, Australia.

Jenny Ball
26-year-old singer from Blackpool


X Factor boys
X Factor boys

Jack Mason
18-year-old busker from Aldershot.

Benji Matthews
17 year-old student

Anthony Russell
27 year-old singer from Liverpool

Russell Jones
25 year-old nursing home singer from Wales.

Spencer Sutherland
24-year-old singer from Ohio, USA.

Aidan Martin
27-year-old barman from London.

Gregor Coleman
24 year-old singer from Glasgow.

18-year-old hotel singer from Norwich formerly of duo ITG

22-year-old hotel singer from Norwich formerly of duo ITG

They’re now through the auditions and bootcamp and one stage away from judges’ houses.

Unfortunately that one stage is the dreaded six chair challenge, being held in front of a live audience at Wembley Arena this Saturday and Sunday night. In the six chair challenge, the acts will have one chance to impress their mentor who alone has the power to pick the singers to take to judges’ houses with them.

Following the judges’ houses, the six contestants left in each category will fly across the globe to sing for a spot in the LIVE SHOWS.

Who is your current X Factor favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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