X Factor 2017: Aidan Martin opens up about drug addiction: 'It was hell on Earth'

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A contestant on The X Factor 2017 has opened up about battling drugs.

Aidan Martin is one of the favourites on this year’s competition having wowed the judges at the room auditions with an original song.

But the 27-year-old had made headlines before his audition even aired over a past conviction for fraud.

Aidan was given a community service sentence in 2012 after attempting to use a stolen credit card to pay for a restaurant bill.

The musician says he “lost his way” and fell into the “wrong crowd” when he moved to London as a teenager.

Aidan Martin
Aidan Martin

Opening up, Aidan told the Daily Mirror newspaper: It was hell on Earth. I lost my way. I hung out with the wrong crowd and I was doing drugs – cocaine and weed. I was doing it to excess.

“I was on a downward spiral and I had no idea how I’d get out. It was horrendous.”

He added: “When you’re young and impressionable you see these people around you and you want a piece of the action. Maybe those people could control it but I absolutely couldn’t.”

Aidan made the move to London after first appearing on The X Factor in 2007 where he was sent home at bootcamp.

“It was really hard hitting for me,” he explained. “Getting home from boot camp, I thought I need to do something drastic, I need to make a change. About six months later I got on the train with £50 to move to London.”

Appearing before the judges again this year, Aidan performed an original song called Punchline about a relationship break up.

“These are my words and I’m so grateful I can say them in front of you,” Aidan said.

Aidan Martin.
Aidan Martin.

Sharon Osbourne praised: “I love the performance, it wasn’t to much, it was just perfect.”

And Simon Cowell added: “You have a beautiful voice, this was a very, very special audition.”

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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