Will there be a Doctor Foster Series 3 on BBC One?

doctor foster 2

There's been talk of a third series of Doctor Foster following its recent success at the National Television Awards.

The series follows Doctor Gemma Foster. A trusted GP in the heart of her village, the first series saw Doctor Foster’s life explode. When she suspected her husband had been having an affair, Doctor Foster was determined to find out the truth.


In the second series - airing last autumn - it had been two years since Doctor Gemma Foster dramatically exposed her husband’s betrayals and he left town. Now Gemma’s life is destabilised once again when Simon returns...

Whether or not we could be getting a third series remain to be seen.

The BBC has yet to confirm either way, but sources say it's been given the green light behind the scenes.


It comes after Suranne Jones, who plays the title character, picked up the awards for Best Drama Performance and Best Drama at the National Television Awards on Tuesday.

"After its ratings success last year commissioners were always keen for it to come back and although its early days they have given it the green light," a source told The Sun newspaper today. Suranne is extremely busy with other projects at the moment but bosses are trying to pin her down for some potential filming dates.

“It’s looking like it would film next year at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, speaking last year of a possible third series, Suranne herself told the Daily Mirror: "If [writer] Mike comes up with another story then we’ll talk about it. But for now, like the first one, it’s got a really good, solid ending."

The BBC declined to comment on the rumours.

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