Claudia Winkleman brands her new Channel 4 series "sh******* show you will ever see"

Claudia Winkleman

Wacky telly host Caludia Winkleman has seemingly blasted her very own show, describing it as the "sh******* show you will ever see" to the audience during filming. The new Channel 4 series 'The King Of...' will see celebs fight it out over their favourite things.

According to The Sun, 39-year-old Claudia told the audience: "Thank you so much for coming, this is absolutely the sh******* show you will ever see.

"Not only that, I don't think it's going on telly. I think it's an elaborate home video."

Claudia - who is currently heavily pregnant with her third child - added: "I look like sh**. If I go into labour, whatever, I think its a pony."

The presenter however also said she loved taking part in the show as she was allowed to swear!

The King Of... will air on Fridays on Channel 4 this June.

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