The X Factor 2017 results recap: Find out what happened during the last auditions

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The auditions stage of The X Factor 2017 has drawn to a close, with Jenny Ball, Reuel Elijah and Berget Lewis among the last acts to book their places at Bootcamp.

Special guest Alesha Dixon tagged along with judges Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell one last time as they faced this year’s final batch of wannabe popstars.


They included supercar-loving millionaire Danny Lambo and former Big Brother housemate Simon Gross (who was infamously evicted on the launch night of its ‘Timebomb’ series two years ago).

There was also an emotional moment when best friends Johnny and Jenny were met with very different outcomes to their separate auditions.

Read on for all the results from the latest episode…


BoyBanned (4 nos) – Ben and Scott suffered a bit of a setback ahead of their appearance when the third member of their group, Jack, decided he was too nervous to show up. It turned out that he had a lucky escape, as the judges were not fond of their 90s-inspired boyband shtick. “Jack, wherever you are, you made the right decision,” Simon laughed. “I get what you’re trying to do, but this show is not for you guys,” commented Sharon.

Johnny Wright (4 nos) – ‘Very close friends’ Johnny and Jenny met through their love of singing, and accompanied each other to The X Factor – but auditioned separately. That turned out to be a recipe for disaster, with Johnny’s take on Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’ failing to get him through. Suggesting that he should do more theatre, Simon said: “Johnny, even though you have a good voice, I don’t think this is the right thing for you to be doing.” Louis thought the performance was “forced”, and Alesha said he needs to “learn to control” his nerves.

Jenny Ball

Jenny Ball (4 yesses) – After the judges praised Johnny’s “dignified” exit, it was Jenny’s turn – and her try-out, featuring David Guetta and Sia’s ‘Titanium’, couldn’t have gone better. “Jenny, you’ve just got it, it was fantastic,” remarked Alesha, while Sharon observed: “You really let it build, you didn’t go in too strong.” Jenny admitted that she thought Johnny would do better than her, to which Simon responded: “I think you came in as the underdog, and about 30 seconds from the end that you hit this real sweet spot, and I could see the confidence in you.”


Susan Shepherd (4 nos) – Susan came in dressed as Amy Winehouse, complete with wig, and said she’d love to be as popular as the ‘Rehab’ singer. However, Louis asked her to sing ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – so she decided to change her outfit, and took so long that a producer tried to hurry her up. Her Joan Jett costume wasn’t enough to sway the panel. “A for effort, but I don’t think these songs are suiting you at all,” said Simon. Alesha joked that she wanted to press her Britain’s Got Talent buzzer.

Reuel Elijah (4 yesses) – Another act influenced by the sound of the 90s, Reuel chose to perform Montell Jordan’s ‘This Is How We Do It’. Unlike BoyBanned, he had the judges on side – so much so that they even sang the track’s signature line along with him. Alesha even continued a verse with Reuel after Simon halted the performance, with Sharon exclaiming: “This is a good duet! There was harmonies going on!” Their back-and-fourth convinced Simon, who said: “You were almost kind of rapping, I think that’s probably what you should be doing. That last part was really good.”

Simon Gross.
Simon Gross

Danny Lambo – Danny may not yet have the fame, but he certainly has the fortune, casually mentioning that he owns three Lamborghinis. He boasted about his lifestyle in an, original song ‘Play Boys’, which includes the lines: ‘Play boys, we got the cribs and the money, play boys, we got the cars and the honeys’. The judges didn’t exactly have much to say about it. “The song was about cars and playboys and stuff,” Louis said. “Keep it real!”

Simon Gross – There was a blast from the reality TV past when Simon, of Big Brother: Timebomb fame, returned to our screens. Thankfully there were no cries of ‘SHOWBIZ!’ this time, but he did don an outrageously sparkly gold suit for his performance of Robbie Williams hit ‘Let Me Entertain You’. Sharon asked if he does pantomime, and she was not surprised when he answered: “Every year!”

Just Us (2 yeses) – No, the Britain’s Got Talent dance group have not decided to try their hands at singing: this ‘Just Us’ are retired pals Anna-Maria (67) and Carol (70). They convinced Nicole to join them for their performance of ABBA’s ‘Hasta Mañana’, and at Simon’s behest, Louis got involved too. “I just had this weird feeling that was us winning next year’s Eurovision Song Contest,” Simon quipped. Simon and Sharon decided to judge them as a four-piece – so their two yeses meant Just Us made it to the next round.

Berget Lewis
Berget Lewis

Berget Lewis (4 yeses) – The final auditionee was Dutch soul singer Berget, who reckons The Netherlands are a “little bit too small” for her and hopes The X Factor can launch her on the world stage. Her rendition of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ had Simon raving: “Your voice is unbelievably good. If you were 18, 20 years old, never done anything before, I would be jumping over this desk right now to say you have to make a record. Maybe this is your time.” Nicole added: “I think music really loves you, there’s a real joy when you sing.”

The X Factor now moves on to its Bootcamp stage, where contestants will face a series of tests including the ‘Wall of Songs’ in the hope of making it to the Six Chair Challenge.

Bootcamp weekend airs next Saturday at 8.00pm and Sunday at 7.30pm on ITV.


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