X Factor 2017: 'Odd' mum and daughter duo confuse the judges

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The X Factor judges wanted to split up "odd" mum and daughter duo Descendance on the show tonight.

Hayley (20) and Debye (40) are a mother and daughter singing pair from Belfast, Northern Ireland, originally from Canada.


After being mistaken for sisters, the pair revealed to the judges that they're in fact a mother and daughter duo.

"Everywhere we go people either think we're sisters or best friends," they told cameras, "We always go to one another for anything.

"It's literally a bond that no one could ever break."

The pair began singing with one another three years ago and reckon they make a strong duo who "click".

For their audition, the chose to perform Macklemore – Can’t Hold Us


"Well, where do I begin?" asked Sharon Osbourne after the performance before delivering a killer blow that she felt mum Debye should take a back seat.

"You need to be there, but in a different aspect," she explained, "What you're doing now is odd."

But Debye hit back: "We don't think it's odd though. Honestly."

Simon Cowell told the pair: "I've got to be honest, this is not great... but it's quite rare we see someone like you [Hayley]."

Hayley then replied: "I wouldn't do it with anyone else."

Despite the judges' doubts, the pair made it through as a duo to bootcamp.

Elsewhere in tonight's X Factor auditions, 16-year-old Chloe Rose Moyle impressed the judges with her very own song.

Chloe Rose Moyle.
Chloe Rose Moyle.

Student Chloe from Fleetwood, Lancashire came prepared with her original track for the latest auditions - and she wasn't the only one.


20-year-old student Harry Holmes is from Liverpool, although originally comes from Stoke-On-Trent. He sang original song Girl Who Stayed The Night for the judges.

The X Factor airs Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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