X Factor 2017 branded "boring" as every act goes through and novelty acts disappear

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Some fans of The X Factor 2017 have branded the show boring after EVERY act went through last night.

But despite the complaints, ratings are up – albeit slightly.

Last night’s latest audition episode saw six contestants singing for the judges and all got four yeses from the judges.

The night before, in the opening episode, just one of the eleven contestants got turned away.

That means that 16 of the 17 auditionees were put through to bootcamp.

X Factor 2017
X Factor 2017

The lack of novelty acts was touted before the series but some viewers aren’t liking the lack of “freaks”.

One wrote: “Where were the freaks? You need to mix up the auditions a bit, gets a bit boring when all we hear is “Guess what? It’s four Yes'” #XFactor ”

Another asked on Twitter: “#XFactor @TheXFactor can you please start showing more of the crazy people who can’t sing please? It’s boring without them.”

@SuperTV247 added: “IMO it’s a bit boring and predictable when every single person goes through – joke acts are fun at this stage! Just axe them by 6CC #XFactor”

A fourth added: “Is it me or is X Factor a bit boring so far? Where are the ‘funny’ or ‘weird’ acts? Are they trying to make it more serious? #XFactor”

Saturday night saw the brand new series launch to 6.2 million viewers, the lowest opener in more than a decade and down 600,000 viewers from 2016.

However despite the “boring” complaints, episode two of the series saw numbers climb with 6.5 million tuning in for the second episode of auditions.

The X Factor 2017 judges
The X Factor 2017 judges

As well as being up on Saturday, it was 200,000 viewers up on last year’s equivalent show and also above 2015’s second episode.

It also made The X Factor the most watched show of the day however the real test for the latest revamp to The X Factor will be how the viewing figures hold up throughout the series and especially once the auditions finish.

The X Factor 2017 continues Saturday and Sunday night at 8PM on ITV.

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