X Factor 2017: Louis Walsh compares Jo-Ann Mason's audition to a "horror movie"

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Jo-Ann Mason delivered the first flop audition of The X Factor 2017, with Louis Walsh comparing her to a “horror movie” after she FORGOT her lyrics.

Jo-Ann turned up to the try-outs in Liverpool with bags of confidence. “I first started singing when I was about three or four,” she revealed.

“I’m definitely match-fit for today’s performance. I think Simon’s the one that you’ve really got to impress.

“I definitely think I could win it. It’s now or never basically, this is my time.”

In the audition room, the personal trainer said she’d be performing Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ because “I feel it’s the best song to show my voice off”.

However, that voice turned out to be a little, er, off-key, leaving the judges cringing, and the audience in the holding room looking rather glum.

To add to her woes, she forgot the words halfway through – with Nicole Scherzinger helping to sing her back in.

Simon Cowell eventually cut her off, saying: “I’ve got to stop you sweetheart, I can’t take anymore. Have you ever heard yourself sing?”

“No,” Jo-Ann admitted.

“There is a problem here, it wasn’t great,” Simon continued.

Louis then gave his pretty accurate take on the performance, adding: “It was like there was somebody inside you singing.

“You know the horror movies, and you hear somebody singing inside the person? It was just very hoarse.”

Needless to say, Jo-Ann failed to make it to Boot Camp, leaving with four ‘nos’.

The X Factor airs on Saturdays and Sundays on ITV, continuing tomorrow night at 8.00pm.

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