X Factor 2017: Dermot O'Leary reveals why show is definitely not a fix

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The X Factor is definitely not a fix and Dermot O’Leary has revealed the honest reason why.

From dodgy song choices to questionable results, novelty acts to THAT ‘random’ jukebox last year, X Factor is always plagued by claims of ‘fixes’.

However host Dermot has insisted there is never any truth to the rumours for one simple reason.

“We’re not organised enough and we’re not intelligent enough,” he said to DigitalSpy at this year’s press launch.

On the topic of that jukebox from last year which selected the live show’s themes each week, many will be glad to hear it WON’T be back this series.

One of those overjoyed with the news is X Factor judge herself Nicole Scherzinger.

“I’m looking forward to not having that jukebox anymore!” she rejoiced. “I don’t want to do it guys. I just want cool, relevant songs that work. I just don’t want the same things over and over.

“I’m looking forward to the performances. I love music, you see how excited I genuinely get when my contestants are up there. I’m excited to mentor and work with my contestants and see how far they will get in this competition.”

Explaining the move, Simon Cowell said: “You’ve got to do what you would do in the real world rather than too many themes, too many gimmicks – let it be about them. There is a difference this year, I think our critique has been better, I think they have listened to us more.

“You expect certain people to do well and then they crumble under the pressure and some people just thrive on it. There was a 16 year old girl during six chair and she was put under so much pressure but I saw this fire in her that just emerged.”

The X Factor returns to ITV on Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September at 8pm

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