Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away bailiffs face their toughest case yet

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The Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away bailiffs face their toughest case yet when the new series returns to Channel 5 tonight.

Over the years we've seen the bailiffs on the show face all sorts as they attempt to reclaim cash and repossess homes.


Usually it's nightmare tenants and debtors who tell lies, but this time the case proved difficult for a whole new reason.

Agents Elmore Victor and Stuart McCracken are sent to take back the house from a family who fallen behind on their rent payments.

The landlord is demanding they leave the property immediately and has obtained a High Cort writ that will force them out onto the street.

The agents are told that the family have been "playing a game" by claiming one of their children is sick.

But far from it being a made up excuse, in the house agents discover a young child on a life support machine.

Stuart reacts: "We're here to take the property back, but our main concern at the moment is forget about the house, our main priority is getting the lad sorted."


Victor adds: "I was quite shocked when it was a little boy on the life support machine.

"He's about two years old. It was a big shock, and it was very emotional to be honest. You do think of your own family and how blessed you are."

The family living in the house have a new home lined up from the council - but it won't be ready for a few more days.

Mum to the ill child says: "See how close we were. He [the landlord] knew and he still put us through this.

"The landlord knew this, they knew we were waiting on the property. I think it's disgusting."

With a critical heart condition and needing 24 hour support, the little boy faces returning to hospital as the bailiffs are duty bound to complete the repossession.

Stuart says: "It's a very difficult situation for me to deal with. You've got to think about the tenant's point of view and not just from the landlord's point of view.


"There is a child here that's life is dependent on what you do and what your actions are."

Can't Pay, We'll Take it Away airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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