Nicola McLean gets trolled as she appears on Celebrity Trolls: We're Coming To Get You

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Celeb Trolls: We're Coming To Get You returned to Channel 5 tonight with Nicola McLean.

Hosted by Frankie Bridge, the show sees celebs hunt down those who send them hate over Twitter.


The new series follows a previous one-off show where Frankie tracked down online haters to confront them in real life over their comments.

A full length series kicked off this evening with celebs including Nicola McLean and X Factor winner Sam Bailey.

Frankie joined forces with a crack team of specialists including former MI-5 officers and undercover police to hunt down the real life people behind the online hate accounts.

The team spent many weeks tracking down a Birmingham resident who had been trolling Nicola for over two years.

Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Nicola had been sent constant abuse by the troll, with up to 40 messages a day.

Nicola eventually tracked down and confronted the girl behind the messages and she put the blame on Nicola.


"I don't care, it doesn't mean anything to me," the troll told Nicola.

And it seems as though the troll didn't learn much, continuing to abuse Nicola as the show aired tonight.

"Somebody's a jealous hater she had to stalk my address for this s**t," she posted before making derogatory allegations about Nicola's private life.

Meanwhile, other viewers had an array of thoughts on the latest episode.


While many supported Nicola's campaign, one quipped: "Hang on a sec Nicola McLean is one of the biggest trolls going. She's vile! Is she doing this with a straight face??? #celebritytrolls"

Celeb Trolls: We're Coming To Get You airs Thursday nights on Channel 5.

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