ITV still hasn't axed The Nightly Show - but it definitely WON'T be back at 10pm

Broadcaster's boss suggests guest hosts were why the format didn't work

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Question marks still hang over the future of The Nightly Show - but ITV has confirmed that it WON'T air at 10pm again if it does return.

The Nightly Show is ITV's attempt at recreating American late night talk shows, particularly James Corden's successful Late Late Show.


It aired its first series every weeknight between February and April, with a different host each week - including David Walliams, Davina McCall and Bradley Walsh.

They interviewed celebrity guests, played games with the studio audience and took part in comedy sketches.

But the show became controversial after ITV scheduled it at 10.00pm, forcing the News at Ten to move to 10.30pm.

It failed to attract viewers, with some episodes even rating below the million mark.

Now ITV's programming boss Kevin Lygo has given his take on why The Nightly Show flopped, suggesting that the format of rotating guests hosts was the root of the problem.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival (via the Radio Times), Lygo commented: "Did it work? Not really. There’s a million reasons [why].

"With hindsight, a different host every week made it very difficult for the production team. The theory was, if you build the show there would be these fun people you would slot in each week.

"What happened of course, on week four you’d have a new host who would come on and say ‘I’m not doing that’ and you’d have to reinvent the show."

However, despite its troubles, The Nightly Show doesn't appear to be dead yet.


When asked if it might return, Lygo added: "Certainly not at 10 o’clock. The challenge is can it work for us later, that sort of thing?"

Reports at the time suggested that producers could bring it back with a "substantial revamp".

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