Inside London Fire Brigade follows the heroes who battled the Grenfell Tower blaze

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Inside London Fire Brigade starts on ITV tonight, following the heroes of the the UK's biggest and busiest fire service.

In the first episode of this three part doc, firefighters talk for the very first time about the Grenfell fire and their experiences of that tragic night. In never heard before accounts of what happened inside the tower, firefighters describe how they feared it might collapse and the horror of what they saw.


In what was most devastating fire since the blitz, the Grenfell Tower tragedy shook Britain to the core and on the front line of the disaster were the heroic firefighters of the London Fire Brigade. It brought to the fore an emergency service who risk everything to help those in need.

Using special fire cameras, Inside London Fire Brigade gives a unique insight into their work, with firefighters filming themselves on the dangerous front line.

As well as the Grenfell fire, the documentary also follows Edric as he responds to the Croydon tram crash where 7 passengers lost their lives. The film shows the affect this has on the rescuers and how they deal with the trauma amongst themselves.

The crews are also called to a big explosion which destroys a block of flats in East London. Firefighters fear people could be trapped inside and have to search the unstable building wearing breathing apparatus.

Helmet cameras capture their terrifying point-of-view as they feel their way through the smoke filled corridors facing temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius. The crews enlist the help of a rescue specialist called Kirby - a six year old springer spaniel.

And on fireworks night, the teams are called a huge basement fire takes hold in a block of flats.

Other rescues that feature on the show include a massive flood in Stoke Newington where the main high-street resembles a river and a car crash which leaves a woman, who is nine months pregnant, trapped.


Plus, as well as following those on the front line, Inside London Fire Brigade looks at the fire investigation team as they piece together the events that led to death of a man in a flat fire.

Inside London Fire Brigade, tonight at 9PM on ITV.

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