Ashley Humphrey who murdered woman she never met speaks to Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Who is Ashley Humphrey?


Killer Women with Piers Morgan continues tonight, examining the case of Ashley Humphrey

Killer Women with Piers Morgan sees Piers sit down to interview these convicted female murderers in the high security prisons they now call home. Coming face to face with the women behind these unspeakable crimes, Piers delves into each complex case to try and uncover the truth and gain insight into whether justice has been served.

In this third episode, Piers travels to Gadsden Correctional Facility near Tallahassee in Florida.

Who is Ashley Humphrey?

Here he meets Ashley Humphrey who, as a 20-year-old bride, followed home Sandee Rozzo - a woman she’d never met - and pumped eight bullets into her at close range.

In his interview Piers attempts to understand how Ashley came to commit murder. He uncovers a story of an innocent young woman seemingly held in the sway of her domineering and abusive husband. But, as he drills down into the case, one question emerges: was she really persuaded to kill, or is she in fact, a cold blooded killer who came up with the plan?

In Pinellas County, Piers meets with the detectives who solved the crime and Ashley’s attorney, Ron Eide, who together, paint a picture of Ashley’s husband, Tracey, who they believe was the real architect of the plan. At 36 Tracey was nearly twice her age and he had a very good reason for wanting Sandee dead: she was accusing him of rape.

Ashley was sentenced to only 25 years for this heinous execution - a surprisingly lenient sentence for someone who actually pulled the trigger in the state of Florida. In less than 12 years time, she will walk out of prison with much of her life still in front of her.

But, how much guilt will she carry for this brutal crime?

Killer Women with Piers Morgan airs tonight on ITV from 9PM.

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