X Factor 2017 set to 'discourage' novelty acts to focus on 'making another star'

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The X Factor 2017 will 'discourage' novelty acts, it's been claimed.

As part of some major changes to this year's series, the show will instead focus on actual talented singers in a bid "to make another star."


A source told The Sun newspaper: “Ultimately, show bosses are determined to make another star.

“They don’t want the show to be a laughing stock again like it was with Honey G.”

But will a lack of novelty acts be enough to win back viewers?

Just in case it isn't, a load more changes are also said to be in the works.

The biggest change will see the typical ten weeks of live shows cut to six, but with acts performing and leaving on both the Saturday and Sunday night each weekend.

Both nights will also see guest artists perform in a bid to attract back viewers following one of the least watched series in 2016.

"Ratings plummeted and Simon knew a drastic revamp was needed," a source told the tabloid this week. “The Saturday night show became so tedious as there was rarely any drama which an eviction would bring.

“ITV believes transforming it is the right decision. It means all singers will perform on both Saturday and Sunday evenings, with acts being eliminated both nights."


Further changes are rumoured to include introducing a live studio audience although its understood the controversial six chair challenge will remain.

The X Factor typically launches at the end of August on ITV.

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