First Impressions: E4's new dating show with a unique twist

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E4 have announced a brand new dating show with a rather unique twist.

It seems as though dating shows are dominating telly nowadays, from the likes of ITV2's Love Island to Channel 4's Naked Attraction.


This month has also seen the return of Blind Date to TV after a decade away while Channel 4 is working on a revival of its dating series Streetmate.

Now E4 have a brand new show to add to the mix: First Impressions will give couples the opportunity to meet each other again for the very first time.

So how does that all work?

Well the "extraordinary dating show", as E4 call it, will see the pair hypnotised by hypnotist Aaron Calvert.

He will (apparently) make them temporarily forget each other by erasing their memories leaving them unattached strangers once more.

The now singletons will each go on dates with two other people who match what they are looking for in an ideal partner. Then they will go on a first date with each other.

But which date will impress them the most?

Channel 4 Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Lucy Leveugle said: “This is an exciting but twisted dating show – where extraordinarily, like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind certain ‘files’ can be temporarily erased from someone’s mind.


"It’s full of the hope that the couples recapture the butterflies and excitement of falling in love.”

Executive producer Melissa Brown added: “Hypnotic amnesia offers a unique and entertaining way of looking at relationships and finding out if the chemistry that made us fall in love with each other still exists when we meet again as strangers.”

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