Watch Liam Payne's reaction to his first X Factor audition in front of Cheryl

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Here's Liam Payne's reaction to watching his first ever X Factor audition in front of Cheryl.

The now couple first met when Liam was 14 and auditioned for The X Factor in 2008.


"She doesn't like to talk about this," Liam admitted on The Graham Norton Show.

However the clip wasn't going to go away, as Liam revealed how he got stick from his pals at the time for his wink to Cheryl.

"And now we've got a baby Bear!" he quipped.

Liam went on to talk about life at home with Cheryl and their new son Bear.

Speaking about the birth with girlfriend Cheryl, Liam recalled: "It was the most amazing thing."


As for how he'd been coping since, Liam spoke about changing his son's nappy: "I had never changed a nappy before I met Bear.

"I spent the whole day doing the nappy changing business, I hadn't been wee'd on, we struck a deal," he joked.

However Cheryl wasn't so lucky.

"At 5AM, Bear woke up and my missus was like 'I'll do this one', her first nappy change and he'd pooed, the first time it's happened. Then he starts sprouting off weeing. In my head there was music and slow-mo going on. I think it was very ironic after she did all the hard work."


The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC One.

You can catch up now on the BBC iPlayer.

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