Take Me Out contestant admits to turning off the wrong light in awkward moment

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One lad on Take Me Out this weekend made a shock confession after the show ended.

Last night's show saw Jonny from Leeds end up heading off to the Isle of Fernandos with Gillian.


And she couldn't believe her luck after the hunky singleton picked her from all the other girls.

"I still cant believe he chose me overall the girls," Gillian said after the show, "I'm still shocked."

To her face, Jonny flirted with Gillian: "You're gorgeous!"

However it was a different story when he spoke to the cameras alone, confessing that he - somehow?! - accidentally turned off the wrong light.

"I accidentally turned off Rebecca's light. She was really my type of girl," admitted Jonny.

He added: "I'd love to share a bottle of wine with her one night."

Viewers on Twitter were quick to react, with one quipping: "Imagine admitting that you pressed the wrong person's light off after choosing another chick."

Another remarked: "He accidentally turned off her light? What a complete idiot."


We'll see Jonny and Gillian's date in next weekend's show, where it remains to be seen if he comes clean about his true feelings.

Of course, even if he doesn't, Gillian is sure to know now after last night's show aired...

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