The Trial: A Murder In The Family - guilty or innocent? The truth is revealed


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The Trial: A Murder In The Family concluded tonight but what was the verdict be guilty and what is the real truth?

The Trial: A Murder In The Family was a fictional crime but was authentically tried by a real life team including eminent practising QCs, a genuine judge and a jury of 12 members of the public.

The only actors included the accused – a man who is pleading not guilty for the murder of his wife - the deceased, and some of the witnesses.

The fake trial centred around the murder of 38-year-old Carla Davis, who was strangled to death in her own home. The accused was her estranged husband, Simon.

The prosecution was led by Max Hill QC with junior barrister Michelle Nelson. Defendant Davis was represented by John Ryder QC and junior barrister Lucy Organ.

Presiding was Judge Brian Barker CBE QC – formerly the most senior judge at the Old Bailey.

Giving evidence at the trial over the past week has been forensic experts, police officers and eye witnesses as well as friends and relatives of both the deceased and the accused.

After summing up and the final evidence was heard, the jury went to deliberate on their verdict.

In last night's fifth and final show, the jury concluded its deliberations, while Simon Davis (Michael Gould) and both legal teams awaited their verdict.

The Trial on Channel 4
The Trial on Channel 4

In a surprise outcome, the jury was split and as a result they were discharged. 4 jurors voted guilty while the others considered the defendant not guilty.

After the verdict, the truth was finally revealed, as a dramatised segment depicted the last tragic moments of the life of Carla Davis (Emma Lowndes) as it was confirmed that the defendant Simon was in fact guilty of the murder.

Max Hill, prosecuting QC, concluded: "Although the public perception is that there are only two results to a criminal case, one is guilty and the other is not guilty, in fact there are three. You can legitimately end up with a hung jury.

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