Gogglesprogs: Meet the cast of the brand new Channel 4 series

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The Gogglesprogs are back tonight on Channel 4 and here's who's on the cast.

A brand new series starts tonight from 9PM on Channel 4 as Gogglebox's spin-off sees children watching a range of TV from recent months, from entertainment shows to documentaries and classic films, as well as up-to-the-minute news stories.


There are some new faces on the sofa, alongside six-year-old Molly and her eight-year-old brother William, who both love helping out on the family farm; friends Stephanie and Christina - Stephanie loves Justin Bieber while Christina prefers classical music; and schoolmates Jacob and Connor, who are in the Mini Enterprise Club together.

In this evening's first episode, the Gogglesprogs give their honest, inimitable and ultimately hilarious take on the general election, Mary Berry and the classic film Grease.

Gogglesprogs cast

Jacob (12) and Connor (11): Jacob and Connor have been friends for four years. They live in West Yorkshire and met when they attended the same primary school together.

Stephanie (11) and Christina (10): Stephanie and Christina live in Essex and have been best friends since meeting at ballet school at the age of four. Between them the girls do a variety of after-school activities including violin, ballet, cooking, karate, piano, swimming, choir and stitch club.

Will (13), Max (13), Spencer (13), Harry (13), Daniel (13): These Kent lads call themselves the Goonies because it’s their favourite film, and it fits their varying personalities. They’ve been mates since they were just 4 years old when they all started reception and their mums have all become friends as a result.

Shuaib (9) and Janai (9): Shuaib and Janai, from East London, have been friends for four years. They met when Shuaib’s mum first became a carer for Janai’s grandad. Together they enjoy watching cartoons and playing on their ipad.


Toby (12) Sam (12) and James (7): James and Sam are brothers, and Toby is Sam’s friend who he met three years ago when they attended the same primary school. The boys all like playing with Lego, reading comics and playing video games together.

Emma (12) and Brooke (8): 12 year old Emma and 8 year old Brooke are sisters and best friends who live in Scotland, although filming takes place in their holiday caravan in Blackpool. Emma has Down’s Syndrome.

Valencia (14) and Taya (11): Valencia and Taya, from Hertfordshire, have known each other since birth as their mums are best friends. As a result, the girls are so close that they call each other cousins. Both girls were recently bridesmaids for Valencia’s mum which they loved.

Molly (7) and William (9): Welsh brother and sister William and Molly are from farming stock. William is happiest when at the agricultural show helping with his grandfather’s prize winning Longhorn cattle, and wants to follow in his footsteps and become a farmer himself one day.

Geet (7) and Hanson (5): Hanson and his big sister Geet were born in Canada to a Malaysian mother and Indian father. Prior to moving to Leicester they lived in Scotland for several years. They are well travelled kids and have visited many countries around the world from France to India and Thailand.

Dotty (11) and Macy (12): Dotty and Macy are science mad friends from London. They have been friends for nine years after their mums met each other in the park when the girls were toddlers. Dotty would like a career that involves both animals and art while Macy, who’s half American but has lived in England her whole life, likes Youth Opera and dreams of a career in music or science.

Ashton (11), Cari (11) and Darcie (10): Ashton, his sister Darcie and their cousin Cari are all from Neath in South Wales. Ashton wants to be a scientist or an astronaut when he grows up. He loves factual TV and any documentary that is informative such as a David Attenborough nature programme, while dancing mad Darcie and cousin Cari love soaps.

Orin (7) & Eli (7): Orin and Eli met at school 3 years ago and have been friends ever since. They often spend their lunch breaks telling jokes to each other. A shared love of the film Transformers has inspired them to both become scientists when they grow up - though if that fails Eli would like to become a computer scientist or an inventor.

Roma (9) & Joel (11): These Birmingham based friends first met at an out of school club 2 years ago and have been great friends ever since. Both Joel and Roma are very sociable and enjoy nothing more than debating with each other.


Jack (11) Sadie (9) and Declan (8): This little trio are siblings from Wallasey and get on well… most of the time! They love playing games together, but the PlayStation is a major source of contention.

Amelinda (10) & Yoanna (9): These bubbly friends from Manchester have a shared passion for music, especially singing. Yoanna has a keen eye for current affairs and politics and even has a news App on her phone to keep up to date with everything going on in the world.

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