Channel 4's The Trial: A Murder In The Family: Is it real or fake?

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The Trial: A Murder In The Family continues tonight on Channel 4 but what is real and what is fake?

The new series is a follow up to previous Channel 4 documentary The Murder Trial, which followed a real life Scottish case in the courts.


However this time the case has been staged in order to bring a fuller picture of what would happen in a similar real life case.

Director Nick Holt, who was behind the original The Murder Trial, explained: "Tere were always certain doors that would remain closed to us, such as the jury room and the conferences between a lawyer and their client.

Channel 4's The Trial: Real or fake?

Channel 4's The Trial: Real or fake
Channel 4's The Trial: Real or fake cheat sheet

"We wondered whether there was a way we could do it again but without sidelining those.”

And hence, The Trial was born.

It's a fake case, but is being authentically tried by a team including eminent practising QCs, a genuine judge and a jury of 12 members of the public.

The only actors include the accused – a man who is pleading not guilty for the murder of his wife - the deceased, and some of the witnesses.

Channel 4 described the new show as a "thrilling hybrid of drama and documentary" which 'aims to both hook viewers with the real twists and turns of a criminal murder trial and reveal the inner workings of the justice system as never seen before."

And if you're still a little confused, the channel has published a handy cheat sheet above which explains ALL you need to know.


Meanwhile, the fake crime itself centres around the murder of 38-year-old Carla Davis, who was strangled to death in her own home. The accused is her estranged husband, Simon.

The Trial airs nightly at 9PM on Channel 4.

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