Kat and Alfie: Redwater cast, spoilers and start time for the new series

Kat and Alfie Moon's new show Redwater is here

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EastEnders spin-off Redwater: Kat and Alfie concludes tonight at 8PM on BBC One with the final episode in the six part series.

Here's all we know from the cast and start time to spoilers and a first look at tonight's last episode.


Firstly, just what is Redwater all about?

The series will follow EastEnders favourites Kat and Alfie Moon who head to Redwater, a tiny, picturesque Irish harbour village, in search of answers to a family mystery.


Redwater is a quiet rural idyll by the sea where the Kelly and Dolan families have lived for generations. When Kat and Alfie Moon arrive in search of Kat’s long-lost son, Kat’s quest for the truth uncovers secrets that the village of Redwater would rather were left buried at sea.

Redwater cast

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie reprise their roles as Kat and Alfie Moon from EastEnders for the new series.

Joining them are an ensemble cast of some of Ireland’s best talent including Fionnula Flanagan (Lost, The Invention Of Lying, The Others), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Orphan Black, Dexter, The Commitments), Ian McElhinney (Game Of Thrones, The Fall), Angeline Ball (Shameless, The Commitments) Peter Campion (Brooklyn) and Stanley Townsend (The Hollow Crown, The Tunnel)


There's also Henry Proctor, who plays Kat and Alfie's young son Tommy Moon.

Redwater spoilers

In tonight's show, With Peter still missing following his row with Dermott, Roisin’s plans to leave Padraig for the future she has always dreamed of are derailed.

Meanwhile a concerned Adeen is found by her grandfather Padraig, walking home the morning after the night before. Since Lance's death, Adeen has been in emotional freefall and the night before reaches a zenith. She’s in a bad way and Padraig offers a shoulder to cry on and practical advice.

Eileen is also worried. Where is Peter and why didn't he turn up at the christening? Eileen turns to Roisin for assistance.


Elsewhere, Dermott returns to Redwater to bring Kathleen to Alfie to find a storm brewing. Bernie is hot on his trail and he panics. His behaviour spirals out of control, but who will he take his anger out on next?

Redwater airs at 8PM tonight on BBC One.

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