Could X Factor's Saara Aalto represent the UK at Eurovision next?

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Could Saara Aalto be the next X Factor act to represent the UK in Eurovision?

In the latest Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night, the UK ranked 15th out of the 26 finalists.


Although a generally poor result, it was actually out best outcome since 2011 with another X Factor singer, Lucie Jones, representing us.

But could Saara do better at Eurovision next year?

The Finnish singer, who was runner up on last year's X Factor, has tried three times to enter the competition already.

But much like on The X Factor - and when she was on The Voice of Finland - Saara ended up finishing as second best.

"I tried to get in three times in Finland. Two times I have been second in the competition. It's my dream," she admitted this month.

So could Saara one day sing for the UK instead?

Saara wouldn't rule it out but did say it wasn't on the cards right now - what with her newly signed record deal with Sony Music following The X Factor.

"At this moment though I don't think it's the best move to do. Who knows one day I might represent the UK," she teased.

Meanwhile, speaking to BANG Showbiz, Saara revealed she remains in touch with her fellow X Factor finalists after last year's series.


She said: "Some of them came to my birthday party. We are all still quite close.

"I do have the judges phone numbers as well but I haven't seen them since leaving the show. When I release my music I will text Sharon Osborne and ask her about my songs."

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