The Fake News Show: Channel 4's new panel series kicks off tonight

Channel 4's The Fake News Show kicks off its brand new series tonight on Channel 4.

Following a one-off special for Channel 4's 'Fake News' week, a full series starts this evening at 8:30PM.

The myth-busting comedy panel show hit screens for its first episode to peek behind the wobbly fa├žade of fake news.


Tonight's show will see the panellists dissecting the spin, the outlandish claims and the alternative facts from the UK election and beyond.

With Stephen Mangan at the helm, team captains Katherine Ryan and Richard Osman are joined by Miles Jupp and Stanley Johnson.

Up for discussion this week in the world of fake news: Has Putin really come out in support of one of the UK political parties? Could a fish finger end up in the House of Commons? and Is it really time to crush the saboteurs?

The Fake News show, tonight at 8:30PM on Channel 4.

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