Eurovision 2017: Here are the countries that voted for the UK (all four of them)

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Here's a round up of exactly who voted for the UK during Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest.

Our entry Lucie Jones finished 15th place overall, mainly thanks to jury voters.


We scored a total of 111 points which was made up of 99 from juries - including a perfect 12 from Australia - but only 12 from the viewers of other countries.

So just who voted for us?

Well the stats reveal that Ireland and Malta were the biggest contributors - providing four points each.

The Aussies gave us three and Spain the single point to make up our 12 point total from viewers.

Speaking after the live show, Lucie admitted that in the wake of Brexit it had been "awkward".

“I had no idea how Brexit was going to affect the vote until I was there. I did notice lots of Brexit comments," she told The Sun newspaper. “I mean the Aussies were the only ones to give us 12 points out of everyone — now that was pretty awkward.”


And the former X Factor finalist revealed: “I did vote to remain in the EU, but hey, not much we can do about it now.

“Lots of people voted to leave and we’re a democracy and that’s the way of the world. S*** happens.”

Despite a lowly 15th place on the leaderboard, it was actually our best result in years and Lucie is happy with that.

She said: “You know what, I’m feeling good. We didn’t come last which I’m thrilled about.


“We got great public response and I have had loads of messages of support from celebrities.

“It’s great that we got the support from home. All the messages have been just overwhelming.”

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