Two Take Me Out girls ditch their dates and get together instead

Take Me Out 2017

Two girls on Take Me Out reportedly ditched their guys and then hooked up together.

According to The Sun, Emily Longden and Cara-Jane Ashby were left unimpressed by their dates after jetting off to the Isle of Fernandos, which is really Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.


Emily was originally paired up with Luke while Cara was set up with Tommy on the ITV dating series.

Apparently they weren't left too impressed with the guys and ended up enjoying a "cheeky kiss" together instead while on the sunshine getaway.

"Neither fancied their dates, so the two of them ended up getting frisky instead," a source said. “They even shared a cheeky kiss. They are gorgeous girls, so the lads were pretty gutted when they found out what happened.”

Speaking to the tabloid, an insider added: "The island has seen some pretty racy action since the show began, but this was definitely a first.


“Cara-Jane and Emily got on well. There is no chance of a relationship, they are just pals.

“It was just a bit of holiday fun for them.”

You can catch up with all the action from the Isle of Fernandos on Take Me Out: The Gossip on Sunday nights.

Hosts Mark Wright and Laura Jackson will be on hand to witness all the budding romances, drama, tears and tantrums.

They’ll even hit the town (and DJ decks!) with the couples, bringing viewers a taste of what really goes down during the nights out in Fernando’s plus plenty of news and updates from the couples’ reunions.

Take Me Out The Gossip, Sundays at 9pm, ITV2

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