Throwback to Take Me Out's most cringe moment ever

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Ahead of Saturday's latest show, here's a throwback to Take Me Out's worst date ever.

Over eight series so far, Take Me Out has welcomed SEVEN engagements, SIX weddings and THREE tiny tots.


But not all matchings have been so successful.

Damion Merry arguably holds the record for worst ever appearance on Take Me Out, and it all started so well.

After initially leaving the love lift, Damion had the girls' attention but when a VT revealed he previously dated Jodie Marsh the buzzers quickly came.

And it just got worse from there, when Damion revealed one of the girls who had turned their lights off was who he really wanted to be with.

"Technically, he's saying your second best," host Paddy McGuinness told the girls left with their lights on.


Things got even more awkward when the power switched to Damion, who had to pick his two favourite girls still with their lights on.

But when he asked the girls a question, one responded: "Umm, I would have a good answer if I liked the lad."

Damion was eventually paired up with the one remaining girl - Chelsea - who wasn't particularly happy about it.

"I feel like I've taken one for the team and I've been left with the runt of the litter," she said.


The pair did make it to their date on Fernando's but there things got even more awkward...

Take Me Out continues Saturday nights on ITV with series nine.

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