Long Lost Family: What Happened Next back tonight on ITV

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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next starts a brand new, three part series on ITV.

Over the past six years, Long Lost Family has reunited over 200 people with longed-for family members.


This new spin-off looks at just what happened next: For the searchers and those they have found, the reunion is just the beginning of an incredible new journey – one that is filled with joy but also brings challenges. How easy is it to build a relationship after a lifetime apart?

In this series, presented by Long Lost Family's main hosts Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, us viewers will find out as the show revisits eight of the most compelling stories and reveal the surprising, revelatory and emotional turns they have taken.

In the third and final episode of the series tonight, the show catches up with people whose lives have been changed in the most unexpected ways.

In Ireland, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next catch upes with Peter Gunn, whose joy at his reunion with his birth mother Daphne was short-lived as Daphne soon suffered a serious health scare.

Viewers will discover how these events inspired Peter to make a life-changing decision with huge implications not only for him, but also for his adoptive mother Miriam.

Next, the show will travel to Barbados with Jade Hartley as she sees her father Tony for the first time since they were reunited. Jade is also nervously anticipating meeting her half-brother and grandmother, as well as a whole new extended Barbadian family.


Finally, Long Lost Family: What Happened Next will catch up with Gillian Carter and her son Mark, whose life has been changed in profound and unexpected ways by meeting his birth mother. As mother and son celebrate Mark’s 50th birthday together, they discover an extraordinary coincidence.

Long Lost Family: What Happened Next airs at 9PM tonight on ITV.

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