Gogglebox set to get another spin-off starring teenagers

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Gogglebox bosses are reportedly planning another spin-off to the show.

We've already had Gogglesprogs, which saw kids commenting on their favourite TV shows, and now a teenage version is in the works.


As well as seeing them reviewing the latest telly from their couches, the cast will also be seen reacting to the latest viral videos online.

However The Sun newspaper reports on a behind-the-scenes struggle about what to call the new show.

"A teen version of Gogglebox has been a big priority for Channel 4 and Studio Lambert for a while now, especially after the success of kid spinoff Gogglesprogs, so they’re delighted it’s finally happening," a source said. “But it’s not been without challenges.

"The name has caused a right dilemma."

Apparently the show's original title was simply Goggleteens but now it may be changed to Screen Time to appeal to a different, younger audience.

The insider explained: "Gogglebox is such a beloved brand that viewers should come flocking, but it’s known for being a show that your mum and dad sit down and watch on a Friday night - which is not exactly appealing to teens.

"It’s been tricky to figure out.”


The main series of Gogglebox is currently in its ninth season with an average audience of 3 million viewers, making it one of Channel 4's biggest shows.

Gogglebox airs at 9PM on Fridays Channel 4.

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