Rylan's Babushka launched to more viewers than The Chase originally did

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Rylan Clark-Neal's Babushka launched to more viewers than The Chase did in its first week.

Rylan was forced off Twitter after getting abuse when ITV revealed tea time favourite The Chase would be taking a break for a month.


But despite all the hoo-ha over Babushka replacing The Chase for the next few weeks, the new game show has started strongly.

Those trolling Rylan appear to be in the minority, with Babushka attracting a sizeable audience over its first five episodes last week.

The show averaged 1.7 million viewers between Monday and Friday, which compares to the first week average of 1.5 million viewers that The Chase had in 2009.

Of course, seven years on from its first week, The Chase has more recently been averaging more than 3 million viewers each week day.

Whether or not Babushka can climb to hose sorts of numbers remains to be seen with its second week of shows starting tonight on ITV from 5PM.

If you've not had a chance to tune in yet, Babushka sees two contestants take part in each episode, tasked with finding the money hidden inside 10 giant Babushka dolls.

They must correctly answer a number of questions in order to open 8 of the 10 dolls for a chance to win up to £44,000.


But they need to hold their nerve as once the game starts there’s no opportunity to cash out early.

Babushka airs Monday-Fridays at 5PM on ITV.

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