Mind The Age Gap: Meet the cast of Channel 5's new show

Mind The Age Gap contestants

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Mind The Age Gap starts tonight on Channel 5 and here are the volunteers on the cast.

The five part series will air at 10PM each night this week as two groups of people from opposite ends of the age spectrum move in together.


They'll move into the same house, which has been rigged with cameras, but this isn't quite Big Brother.

"There are no tricks, tasks or evictions – but books, newspapers and technology are provided to fuel debates," Channel 5 explained. "Is age the biggest factor which separates us in the 21st century?"

So who's taking part? Meet the volunteers below...

Mind The Gap cast

The Young

TYRREL, 25, BRIXTON: Tyrrel has an opinion about absolutely everything from celebrities to witches, income tax to UFOs. She wants to learn from the older generation but might not be prepared for how they see the world

Mind The Age Gap  - Joey, Tracy, Eden, Tyrrel and Jed.
Mind The Age Gap - Joey, Tracy, Eden, Tyrrel and Jed.

TRACY, 29, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE: Rebellious former page 3 model, Tracy had her first boob job at 18 and her first child at 19. She has strong views on dole claimants but with zero interest in politics, she didn’t vote in the EU referendum and wouldn’t recognise Theresa May.

JED, 24, CASTLEFORD: Although gay now, Jed found it hard to label his sexuality growing up and only came out at 21. Addicted to social media, Jed checks social media every 10 minutes and if he can’t connect to wi-fi he ‘doesn’t know what to do’. He voted leave in the EU referendum but didn’t really know why


EDEN, 19, CHELMSFORD: A deep-thinker with a difficult upbringing, Eden has a philosophical approach to the world and feels compelled to understand it. Active supporter of the Labour party, fervent Remainer and is horrified by non-voters

JOEY, 28, TOTTENHAM: Joey sees himself as a bit of an old man and isn’t up to date with technology and social media; he feels more connected to the older generation than most. He voted UKIP in the last election and voted to leave the EU.

NAMAN, 27, LONDON: A gay Muslim who’s struggled to find his identity in both his religion and his sexuality. A classic social media obsessive who begins every day by checking his Snapchat account. Feels judged by the older generation for being gay, Muslim and even for having tattoos.

The Old

KEVIN, 62, KENT: Retired Police Detective Kevin has been married for more than 40 years and has two grown up daughters who are the only young people he interacts with

EDDIE, 72, CARDIFF: Ardent Labour supporter, campaigned for Remain, is pro-immigration and thinks multiculturalism is fantastic. Eddie is open-minded towards all sexualities, nationalities and religions – but he passionately hates tattoos!

DEE, 83, BOURNEMOUTH: Oldest person in the experiment, 83 year old Dee is a mum of 2, grandmother of 3 and great grandmother of 5. Dee, who says she’s open-minded when it comes to gay marriage, is an enthusiastic UKIP supporter and campaigner. She voted for Brexit and thinks immigration and other races are responsible for the country’s woes

Mind The Age Gap  - Bob, Jenny, Kevin, Dee, Eddie and Lin.
Mind The Age Gap - Bob, Jenny, Kevin, Dee, Eddie and Lin.

BOB, 67, SURREY: Conservative for life, Bob doesn’t believe multiculturalism works, wants to make Britain great again. Although he feels like he’s moving with the times he still struggles with homosexuality

JENNY, 74, DENBIGH: hurchgoer Jenny has traditional values, and believes a mother’s place is in the home even though her own marriage was suffocating. She’s never used a computer and thinks technology is a huge waste of time; she doesn’t like it and doesn’t like people who use it.


LIN, 64, HITCHIN: Lin in is in a civil partnership and works for her wife’s packaging company. She’s a bon vivant, loves drinking champagne any time of day and spends a ridiculous amount on shoes. Lin is extremely open-minded and can’t stand bigoted people or men who think they are better than women

Mind The Age Gap starts on 8th May at 10pm on Channel 5 and will air all that week at 10pm (Mon-Fri)

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