Mind The Age Gap sees old and young live together with explosive results

New Big Brother style social experiment

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Mind The Age Gap starts its unique social experiment tonight on Channel 5.

The five part series will air at 10PM each night this week as two groups of people from opposite ends of the age spectrum move in together.


"Is age the biggest factor which separates us in the 21st century?" asks the show.

Half of the volunteers are over 62 and the others below 30.

They'll move into the same house, which has been rigged with cameras, but this isn't quite Big Brother.

"There are no tricks, tasks or evictions – but books, newspapers and technology are provided to fuel debates," Channel 5 explained.

The younger generation across the series view their older peers as out of touch, set in their ways, overly nationalistic – and owning the nation’s assets.


The older generation moving in see their youthful companions as self-centred, unpatriotic and hedonistic - with an attitude to match. What happens when two sets of headstrong and opinionated characters – from two very distinct worlds – collide?

A teaser for the show reads: "There will be controversial and explosive opinions, tears – and laughter.

"Can these two very different generations learn something from each other, will an unwillingness to understand each other end in catastrophic fallout or are our differences based on more than just age?"

In tonight's first episode as the two groups meet, an attempt at getting to know each other triggers uncomfortable debates revealing controversial opinions from the older generation. Tension is in the air, and gay marriage is the first topic that divides old from young.

Mind The Age Gap Ep 1 - L - R: Jenny, Joey, Kevin, Dee, Jed, Lin, Bob, Tyrrel< Eddie, Tracy, Eden
Mind The Age Gap Ep 1 - L - R: Jenny, Joey, Kevin, Dee, Jed, Lin, Bob, Tyrrel< Eddie, Tracy, Eden

While the older group is keen to debate, the younger ones see an opportunity to party, and a split emerges along the age divide.


Meanwhile, an innocent game of ‘Guess the Celebrity’ quickly turns into a raging debate about the EU. Members of all ages clash, and it becomes clear that the divide might be more complex than first thought.

Mind The Age Gap starts on 8th May at 10pm on Channel 5 and will air all that week at 10pm (Mon-Fri)

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