Take Me Out's secrets revealed as series nine continues on ITV

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Take Me Out continues tonight on ITV but what is it really like to be one of the flirty thirty?

Well the girls have been revealing all!


Over eight series to date, Take Me Out has welcomed SEVEN engagements, SIX weddings and THREE tiny tots.

But that doesn't happen by accident with Beckie Louise Finch - who got married to Adam Ryan last weekend after meeting on the series - describing the show as a "military operation."

"Half the girls are shipped to hair, and the other half to make up, at 7:45AM," she told heat magazine.

10 episodes are filmed pretty much back to back with one recording each week day.

The girls come prepared with ten outfits for filming before they head to the studio to practice their entrances.

"The girls get so stressed about falling over that they practice before hand, so they can try out their shoes," Beckie explained, adding that there was a strict alcohol ban also in place.


Meanwhile, Beckie's former fellow contestant Adele Cobain insisted that the girls' lines were never scripted.

"They prepare you a bit, but they don't tell you what to say," she said. "You know what you want to say, but when Paddy comes over it comes out wrong."

If a lucky lady bags themselves a date then there is no waiting around: They leave the girls' hotel and jet off for Fernando's from Gatwick Airport the same night.

On the date, phones are strictly off limits so there's no stalking of Instagram profiles or Twitter feeds for either of the matched pairs.

Meanwhile, girls who aren't picked return to the hotel to bond ahead of the next day's recording.


"You spend up to two weeks together and you're best friends by the end," Beckie said.

Take Me Out airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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