Take Me Out contestant Ellie's 'seal laugh' is a must watch

Ellie on Take Me Out

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Take Me Out is back tonight on ITV and one girl is taking up all the attention.

Although maybe not for quite the right reasons...


Descending the Love Lift in Saturday’s episode are Rixy from Leeds, Luke from Swansea, Bayo from Essex and Tommy from London.

They come face to face with the flirty thirty, including Ellie who stuns everyone with her hilarious seal like laugh.

Billy Mai sets her off when she reveals she used to fancy Milo from The Tweenies.

Ellie’s honking laugh prompts host Paddy McGuinness to ask; “What the hell is that?! Has a seal got loose in the building?”

In tonight's show, we also meet 23 year old Grace from Preston who has been single “forever”, gets her swag on, rapping about her ideal man to Paddy.

Meanwhile, Leeds travel consultant Rixy makes a varied impression on the Flirty Thirty with Nicola from Chigwell comparing him to Keith Lemon.


However Northern Ireland girl Krystal remarks; “He’s a wee darling and reminds me of a wee teddy bear, I’d just love to go over and give him a wee cuddle.“

Will Rixy do enough to get himself booked on a flight to Fernandos?

Take Me Out airs tonight, Saturday 29th April at 6.45pm, ITV

Meanwhile, Sunday nights on ITV2 belong to Mark Wright and Laura Jackson as Take Me Out: The Gossip settles into its brand new home. Mark and Laura will be on hand to witness all the budding romances, drama, tears and tantrums.


They’ll even hit the town (and DJ decks!) with the couples, bringing viewers a taste of what really goes down during the nights out in Fernando’s plus plenty of news and updates from the couples’ reunions.

Take Me Out The Gossip, Sundays at 9pm, ITV2

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