X Factor 2017: Dermot O'Leary shares his top audition tips

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The X Factor 2017 auditions are now well underway and host Dermot O'Leary has shared his top tips.

While the judges aren't yet confirmed, Dermot definitely will be back as host for what will be his tenth year.


So it's fair to say if there's anyone who knows how to impress the panel, it's him.

With the first round of try outs underway, Dermot has encouraged contestants to do something different with their performance.

“Last year everyone did Let It Go by James Bay. The best thing you can do is think outside the box. Pick a song that’s original and other people are unlikely to choose," he said.

Dermot suggested: “If you’re a girl, sing a boy’s song and vice versa. The judges don’t want to see a young guy with a guitar doing an Ed Sheeran song, or a girl doing Adele."

The hunky host continued: “Raid your parents’ record collections for an old song that you can update.

“Some of the best auditions do that. Like Emily Middlemas last year who chose Master Blaster by Stevie Wonder which no-one else did, so she stood out.”

In a chat with the Birmingham Mail, Dermot concluded: “The way people audition has changed a lot over the years.

"We used to get people saying ‘Tell me who you want me to be’, but these days people know who they are as an artist, they’re not copying other people and they’ve probably got their own YouTube channel."


“I think X Factor is still relevant and still an incredible way for people to get their music out there," he insisted, “James Arthur had tried every single avenue and got nowhere, but after winning in 2012 he’s now a successful recording artist.”

The X Factor 2017 will air on ITV later this year. You can apply online now HERE.

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