Audience members WALKED OUT of Rylan's tense new gameshow Babushka

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Rylan Clark-Neal's new gameshow Babushka is apparently so stressful that some audience members WALKED OUT during filming.

This week sees the Big Brother star take over ITV teatime with a barmy new quiz based on Russian nesting dolls.


Contestants answer questions to open one of the 'Babushkas', and if there's a smaller doll inside, they bank prize money.

However, if the doll is empty, they lose all their accumulated winnings. Worse still, there's no way for them to end their game early.

It's a nightmarish scenario, and Rylan has revealed that some observers found it so tense that they couldn't watch.

"I've had audience members walk out," he told OK! Magazine.

"Because they can't handle the pressure of what someone has just done."

Rylan has spoken about how "brutal" Babushka is, but it turns out the medical he underwent before landing the hosting gig was much more in-depth than usual.


"When you work on any TV show, you have to fill out a medical," he explained. "But they said you have to go and have a full physical medical.

"So I went to have a medical – they check your blood pressure, heart and everything.

"Then I did the show and I realised why they wanted me to do the medical because it is so tense. Your heart is in your mouth the whole game.

"It can be awful."

As if the format wasn't tough enough on its own, Rylan has been facing added stress this week - thanks to angry The Chase viewers.

He has faced a barrage of abuse after it emerged that Babushka will air in The Chase's usual timeslot while it takes a break.


The reaction led to him temporarily quitting Twitter.

Babushka airs Monday-Fridays at 5.00pm on ITV.

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