Christian charity seeks to ban 'raunchy' musical performances and lesbian kisses from telly

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Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson

A group of whinging Christians is set on imposing its views on the rest of us by censoring what's shown on telly further, it has emerged today. A review into TV guidelines, led by Mothers' Union boss Reg Bailey, is set to recommend that there are tougher guidelines on what can be shown - with gay kisses set to be banned.


Scenes including kisses as seen in soaps like Brookside in the 1990s and more recently in Coronation Street could be forced to move after the watershed, according to details in The Sun. The move is unsurprisingly controversial as heterosexual kisses will be allowed.

A source 'close to the report' told the newspaper: "It is hard to protect children in the internet and mobile phone age, but we have to do something.

"For some parents, what has been considered acceptable in the past - such as that Brookside kiss - is not appropriate for children to see early in the evening."

Raunchy music performances, such as those seen on The X Factor, and music videos could also be under threat if Prime Minister David Cameron decides to enforce the report's suggestions.

Last night Coronation Street beauty Brooke Vincent, who plays a lesbian in the soap, said: "I swear David Cameron's meant to be supporting equal rights. I just think if same-sex kisses are what he is prioritising and concentrating on changing, our country's in trouble."

The report, backed by the Prime Minister, will also seek to remove 'sexy' billboard advertisements and 'harmful' lingerie aimed at young girls.

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