Rylan Clark-Neal needed to pass a medical to host "brutal" Babushka

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Rylan Clark-Neal has said his new ITV game show Babushka is "brutal".

The new series will air from Monday, May 1 at 5PM for four weeks, with an episode each week day.


Former X Factor singer turned TV host Rylan will front the new series, describing it as 'Deal Or No Deal with Russian Dolls'.

And apparently it's so brutal that Rylan even had to go for a medical check up before taking on the task of hosting.

"They told me I had to go for a medical and I was like ‘Why?!’ and then, when I did the first show, I knew why," he explained.

Rylan told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "My heart has been through so much strain and stress. I don’t know where the money is, I’m playing with the contestants.

"I want them to win, I’m on their side. It can be ridiculously life changing money for them. I cried on telly again over this show."

Explaining the game, Rylan went on: "It’s the most simple game ever, but if you try and explain Deal Or No Deal, it sounds complicated.

"Basically it’s 10 massive Russian dolls and the contestants have to find the money in them and hold on to it. That’s it.


Comparing the series to Deal Or No Deal, Rylan continued: "The difference is, once you’re in the game, you can’t leave. You can’t say ‘I’m going to bank that’, you’ve got to play the whole game. You can lose everything you’ve won so far. It’s brutal"

Babushka starts at 5PM on ITV from May 1.

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